Recalling the past; cultivating the future

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“Landscape is the work the mind.  Its scenery is built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock”

Simon Schama, Landscape & Memory


“Every person that lives in the City Bowl should own a copy of Oranjezicht, Recalling the past; cultivating the future by Patricia Davison & Adrienne Folb” said my mother who has lived on the slopes of Table Mountain for 57 years. This beautiful coffee table book recalls the history of the land between Table Mountain and the sea, between 1488 and 1652.

Oranjezicht gives you insight into both the indigenous Khoekhoe herders and the early European settlers. The book puts Oranjezicht and its surroundings in context by analyzing its early history, the families that farmed here, specifically the Van Breda family right up to the present Oranjezicht City Farm Project. This site was chosen by early settlers and herders because of Table Mountains perennial streams from the upper mountain reaches.

During the late 1680’s paths were created to transport livestock from the valley to the those who had concession from the company with the first roads being Buitenkant Street, Molteno and Kloof Nek Roads as they are still called today. Therefore LIM thought it appropriate to be one of the the first stores to stock  and promote this special edition.

Acknowledgements: Oranjezicht City Farm

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Cape Town, 1816 City Farm

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