Terms & Conditions of sale

  1. Our quotes are valid for 3 weeks.
  2. A 50% cash deposit is payable on acceptance of a quotation. The balance of the quoted price (including delivery or shipping), is payable on completion and prior to delivery.
  3. We will endeavor to produce the item/s within the period quoted on of your acceptance of this quotation.
  4. The quoted price excludes delivery, packaging or shipping.
  5. Quote is subject to availability of raw materials.
  6. Interest will be charged on overdue payments at prime plus 4%. Ownership of any goods delivered does not pass until payment (including any interest due) is received in full.
  7. Cancellation prior to completion will result in forfeiture of your deposit. Cancellation after completion of the item/s will result in the full price being due and owing.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed, all goods are shipped as Freight On Board from the shipping point. The risk of loss passes to you upon delivery to the carrier and/ or on the taking of possession of the goods.
  9. Because wood is natural product, variations occur in finish, colour and stain acceptance. A sample cannot duplicate the exact tonality of your finished product.
  10. Colours are represented on product images as accurately as possible. It is the client’s responsibility to request a colour sample to ensure that it is to their satisfaction.
  11. We warrant that the products we sell are, at the time of delivery, free from defects other than defects that are within accepted industry norms. The warranty shall be effective for a period of six months from the date of delivery. You are expected to promptly inspect the product for defect upon delivery and prior to installation or other processing of the product. Your claim under this warranty is to be exercised within 24 hours, by your written report of the defect. We will assess your claim and, if valid, will at our opinion, either replace free of charge any defective product or reimburse you for your cost of the product. This warranty applies only if such defective property was subject to normal use and for the purpose for which it was intended and if the product was properly handled, stored, installed and maintained in accordance with industry standard and/or our instructions. No further warranty is made, particularly as to any consequential loss.
  12. Unless otherwise agreed, all goods are shipped EX WORKS, LIM, the risk of damage or loss passes to the client upon delivery to the shipper and or the taking of possession of the goods.
  13. Whilst every effort is made to package the goods securely, we cannot be held responsible for damage in transit, storage or delivery thereof.
  14. Finished items sold off the shop floor are sold voetstoots on a cash sale basis.
  15. Products purchased at marked down price are not subject to return.
  16. Any leniency or any variation of these terms will be of no force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties hereto.
  17. Should you be unable to accept delivery of your order within one week of completion storage will be charged at 3% of the value per month.
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