Seasonal maintenance for metal and glass

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April showers will soon be with us as winter approaches. That means that some simple maintenance is needed to protect your metal furniture.

All metal products exposed to the weather should be cleaned regularly. Wipe Aluminium handles with a soft damp cloth a couple of times each month. Spray lock mechanisms every three months with a lubricant like Q20.

Stainless Steel resists stains and corrosion better than most metals. But even the best alloy will suffer if not cleaned. Rain, dust and salt will damage anything over time. The best way to clean stainless steel is simply soap or a mild detergent in warm water applied with a soft cloth. To remove heavier stains and dirt repeat the process over several days instead of aggressively in one session. Do not use coarse abrasive powders and metallic scourers.

Simple regular care will keep these facets of your home looking new.

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